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Heartland Boys Academy Program

Our dedicated team specializes in working with a myriad of life-disrupting issues.

troubled boys school and programWe are dedicated to helping our students work through what may be causing them to act out, to be unmotivated or angry or depressed, or to misbehave. We especially make certain that we do no further damage to already fragile emotional states. Therefore, punishments for missteps are avoided at all costs, and focus is placed on positive ways for the boy to achieve self-regulation.

Our training is geared toward helping each boy understand and verbalize what makes them feel, and sometimes act out, as they do. This self-knowledge and understanding allow us to help them leave the past behind and focus on a future that is clear from old adversities.

If your son is acting up and you are seeking a Christian school for your troubled son, let Heartland Boys Academy transform his life. This affordable program in Kentucky will teach him how to look at the world in a completely new way. 

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A Christian Adventure-Based Boarding School
Just for Boys Who are Struggling

If your son is acting up and you’re seeking a Christian year-round school, please contact us to allow us to tell you how
Heartland Boys Academy can transform his life. This affordable adventure-based Christian program in Kentucky will
teach him to be a leader and to live, work and relate to others in a completely new way.

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