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Key Staff

Executive Directors
Adam and Anna Grundhoefer

boys home directors

Adam and Anna love adventure and have a heart for helping teenage boys. They most recently served as directors of Treasure Coast Academy in Vero Beach, Florida.  They both have a passion to serve and mentor teenagers to empower them to live the life God has planned for them.

Adam is originally from Atlanta, Georgia, and has been with Teen Challenge for almost 10 years. Adam attended and graduated from Emerging Leaders College and holds a nationally recognized credential as a Child Care Administrator (CCA). Adam also is a certified Trauma based Crisis Prevention Intervention Instructor for the HBA team. Adam has also served as administrator of the Teen Challenge Lakeside Retreat and Event Center; facilitating training events for students and staff. Once Adam was a troubled teen himself. After giving his life to God he wanted to do whatever possible to help young men caught in this snare of behavior. Adam states that behavior is an outward expression of an inward problem, and desires for young men to be set free from their bondage. Adam brings enthusiasm and excitement to the staff. In his free time, he enjoys hunting, fishing, reading, and spending time with Anna.

Anna is originally from Montgomery, Alabama. She met the Lord at a young age and has strived to serve him ever since. Anna considers herself a lifelong learner and has studied Education and Social Work. She currently holds a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Human Services with a focus on Youth and Family studies. Anna is currently working on finishing her Master’s in Social Work. Anna has served Teen Challenge in the areas of education, direct care, Program Assisting, and Training Facilitator. With almost ten years of working with Teen Challenge, Anna gained an in-depth knowledge of the program structure and on-the-job experience.

Adam and Anna enjoy serving in the will of God by extending hope to hurting families and teens. Their lives were changed completely by the power of God and they fully believe God can still redeem and restore the lives of others.


School Teacher
Brittany Thomas – A.A


Brittany is originally from Camden, Delaware. While growing up, she faced many hardships from living in a broken home. Brittany attended Teen Challenge in Virginia, where she encountered the Lord and His healing there. Shortly after graduating from the program, Brittany accepted a job position in the Kentucky women’s Teen Challenge program as an Education Coordinator. After over 7 years of ministry, Brittany took a step back to focus on her education. She received her Associate’s degree in middle school education and is continuing to work on finishing her Bachelor’s in middle school education with a focus in special education K-12. 

Brittany is a mother of three children and a wife to a loving husband, Donnie. She was excited when the opportunity opened at Heartland Boys Academy in being able to do what she loves as well as put her degree to good use. She looks forward to being able to contribute to these young men’s lives and help them reach their academic goals.


Program Assistant / Direct Care
Stanley King

Stanley King

Stanley King is from southeastern Kentucky and grew up in the Appalachian Mountain region. Stanley grew up in a Christian home but spent his teenage years running from God. Rather than try to build a relationship with Christ, Stanley chose to try and succeed on his own. After failing at achieving his dream of enlisting in the Army, Jesus changed his life. When he felt like he was at his lowest point, Stanley asked God to forgive him and help guide him in his life. Ever since then he has answered the call to youth ministry. Christ has given him a servant’s heart and a willingness to help guide future generations towards Christ.


Direct Care
Freddie Martinez

Freddie Martinez

Freddie Martinez is from San Bernardino, CA and was raised by a single mother his whole life. Due to struggles and trauma in his childhood, Freddie became depressed and began to experiment with drugs and alcohol as a young teen. At the age of 26 Freddie had lost everything he ever had; he lost his job, home, friends, and family. At his breaking point, Freddie’s sister helped get him into Teen Challenge, CA. From there forward, Freddie attended TCMI Bible College for theology. Freddie is now working at the Heartland Boys Academy in Nebo,KY. He is blessed to say that God is real and is still doing miracles today.




Scout is the residential mascot of Heartland Boys Academy. He loves to run the campus, chase squirrels, and snuggle up to the students in their down time! Scout’s energetic and sweet nature draws many students on his adventures in and around Heartland.

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