Teen Counseling Programs

Heartland Boys Academy offers excellent counseling for all of its students. Much of our counseling happens as the boys are busy with fun activities, which are the times that the boys are most open and accepting of counsel.  Some of the other counseling that we offer includes:

Individual Counseling. Individual teen counseling is a regularly scheduled formalized counseling session held with students and one of the Heartland Boys Academy’s counselors. Individual counseling focuses on improving the overall level of adaptive functioning in the areas of behavior, emotional expression, and interpersonal relationships. In addition, individual counseling takes on significant value in the resolution of issues and concerns that the student feels ill-prepared to take to the group session.

Family Counseling. Family counseling usually occurs over the phone, but parents are welcome to attend in person. A Heartland Boys Academy counselor schedules family counseling sessions for each student. These sessions provide the opportunity for families to work through sensitive issues together and to support each other, prevent relapse, and plan for returning home.

Group Counseling. Traditional group counseling is facilitated by a Heartland Boys Academy counselor several times a week. Twice a week, each of our students participates in a general group, which consists of several members of the student’s peer group. Additionally, each student is assigned to two other counseling skill-building groups that specifically address relevant issues.

Experiential Based Counseling. Certified ropes course facilitators and recreational professionals operate Heartland Boys Academy’s experiential-based counseling sessions. Experiential-based counseling uses activity-based experiences to teach life skills in areas such as relationships, communication, teamwork, self-esteem, self-awareness, accountability, and responsibility. Involving students in challenging and unpredictable tasks helps them think in new and creative ways about old problems. These activities are designed to identify what needs to be changed in a student’s life and relationships and helps students to take the steps necessary to achieve success.

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To get more information about the counseling services offered by Heartland Boys Academy, please call (850) 547-9011, or get more information about our counseling services through the Contact Us page.

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Teen Counseling