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The Faith-Based Therapeutic Boarding School Where Struggling Boys Excel

In the heart of Western Kentucky, our faith-based therapeutic boarding school offers a beacon of hope for struggling boys 12-17, providing a nurturing environment where spiritual growth and healing go hand in hand with academic and personal development. Our immersive therapeutic environment, Trust Based Relational Intervention – TBRI, helps struggling boys adversely affected by a hostile culture, peer pressure, past trauma or abuse, adoption, or family conflict. Surrounded by the tranquility of nature, students embark on a journey of self-discovery guided by faith, compassion, and a community committed to restoring hope and building a foundation for a brighter future. Heartland Academy is an excellent opportunity to impact your teen for a lifetime based on the time-tested Teen Challenge approach, which has helped teens and families for over a half-century.
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Heartland Programs

The Perfect Choice for Struggling Boys


Educational opportunities for boys include credit repair for students that are behind.

Outdoor Adventure

A variety of outdoor activities encourage healthy living, commitment to others and teamwork.


Our caring team helps boys deal with past issues and move toward a stronger future.

Boys at Heartland Boys Academy participate in fun activities as they earn the opportunity by keeping up on their school work and are behaving well. On-campus, we have a number of sports and adventure opportunities and physical training activities.

All activities and training on campus are meant to build discipline and offer time for our staff to bond with and to offer an opportunity for our team to mentor the boys.

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God’s Wilderness is an Effective Tool We Use

Each student at Heartland has an exciting opportunity to explore the Western Kentucky wilderness and do the kinds of things that boys love. That includes hiking, hunting, fishing, exploring, camping, cave spelunking, and many other outdoor adventures. While the boys experience fun in the wilderness, our team of counselors and mentors work on their thinking and behaviors. For boys who once had no hope for their own future, this adventure-based experience shows them that life can be exciting without drugs, alcohol, electronic games, or the other negative factors and influences that were a big part of their previous life.


Our year-round program and school is specifically designed to bring transformation to young men who are struggling with discipline and behavioral issues, or who are underperforming in school. We show love and respect to disrespectful and seemingly unlovable boys who need a new perspective, counsel, and a new spiritual focus in life.  Our mentoring and encouragement brings about transformation where there was once only negative motivations and an impasse in the relationship with their parents.
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Dear Friends at Heartland Boys Academy,

“Heartland was the best decision we have made in our entire life. Our son’s life was saved from destruction on this earth and for eternity. The education at Heartland was the finest he could have received anywhere. He became a self-disciplined student with motivated study habits and finished with a 3.9 GPA. He now has the desire and compassion to serve in his community and church, as well as tutoring and mentoring younger kids.”

David and Joy (parents)

Heartland Boys Academy


  • Endorser1
    Former Attorney General
    John Ashcroft

    “I have been a long time support of the work Teen Challenge has accomplished and the help they have provided over the years.”

  • Endorser
    President George
    W. Bush

    “Teen Challenge is one of the most successful programs in our country.”

  • Endorser
    Founder Focus on the Family
    Dr. James C. Dobson

    “Organizations like Teen Challenge…have a far better record of dealing with social issues and people in difficulty than do the bureaucrats.”

  • Endorser
    CEO Chick-fil-A
    Dan T. Cathy

    “I truly admire Teen Challenge because of its loving, life-giving ministry to individuals who are bound by life-controlling addictions.”

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    Former President
    Ronald Reagan

    “Teen Challenge is effective; it is literally changing the lives of young Americans from every walk of life. The work and dedication of Teen Challenge deserves the commendation of every citizen.”

  • Endorser
    Bestselling Leadership Author
    John C. Maxwell

    “Teen Challenge offers hope and restoration to individuals by exchanging their distorted views on life with God’s perspectives.”

  • Endorser
    Past Director AT&T
    Jim Blanchard

    “I have not seen a more effective ministry in leading hurting people to a life-transforming relationship with Jesus Christ.”

  • Endorser
    Psychologist and Author
    Dr. Kevin Leman

    “I wholeheartedly support the efforts of Teen Challenge…they really make a difference in lives and each of us can be proud that they are part of our community.”

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    Former Director of the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy
    John P. Walters

    “Teen Challenge is doing the job that others only talk about. Teen Challenge is a reputable institution that needs to be highlighted.”