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Students’ Rights

At Heartland Boys Academy we commit to the following:

• Ensure student safety and well-being with stringent safety measures and background checks for staff, providing a secure environment.

• Provide nourishing meals daily, essential for health and well-being, provided consistently and without condition, and never as a bargaining tool.

• Prioritize students’ rest and sleep for physical health and academic performance, ensuring structured sleep routines free from disciplinary interference.

• Promote respectful communication between students and staff, fostering an environment of mutual respect and understanding.

• Respect students’ dignity by avoiding verbal intimidation or punitive measures, ensuring interactions are respectful and non-threatening.

• Grant students the right to personal possessions within safety guidelines.

• Protect students’ privacy while maintaining safety through oversight, ensuring a balance between personal space and program integrity.

• Encourage age-appropriate activities and exercises in alignment with the student’s abilities.

• Prohibit the use of seclusion or restraint (except in immediate safety risks).

• Provide meaningful tasks for life skills education, not to be profit-driven, and always in alignment with the student’s physical abilities.
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• Provide parents, guardians, and students with consistent, honest, and reflective communication concerning what is written in their file. All communication will be in alignment with their ongoing treatment and personal goal-setting.

• Provide essential clothing necessities and exposure to natural elements for every student’s well-being and comfort.

• Guarantee each student a personal bed in a monitored environment, respecting their privacy and safety.

• Facilitate planned family visits and foster regular communication (free of coercion or scripting).

• Allow students, parents, and guardians to raise concerns that will be escalated through proper channels without fear of retaliation.

• Prioritize timely and diligent medical care for all students’ health needs.

• Ensure transparency in academic records and facilitate their acceptance by other institutions without exceptions, providing all financial commitments are fulfilled.

• Provide age-appropriate, comprehensive, and fully accredited education tailored to each student’s needs for future success

• Allow students to withdraw from the program with parental approval, facilitating a smooth transition, and prioritizing the student’s overall wellbeing.

• Assure the right to report any instance of perceived abuse within the program confidently and safely ensuring protection from retaliation and thorough investigation.

A Christian Adventure-Based Boarding School
Just for Boys Who are Struggling

If your son is acting up and you’re seeking a Christian year-round school, please contact us to allow us to tell you how
Heartland Boys Academy can transform his life. This affordable adventure-based Christian program in Kentucky will
teach him to be a leader and to live, work and relate to others in a completely new way.

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